Air New Zealand “Home Sweet As” campaign

Project management

Campaign duration: 3 weeks
Creative Agency: Host
Technical Agency: TheFarm Digital

The objective of this microsite campaign was to position Air New Zealand as the airline that reconnects expat Kiwis with home. With this, a database was built to start an ongoing dialogue with them. Friends and family back home in NZ sent messages to expat Kiwis in Australia that were broadcast onto a 10 meter digital billboard in multiple locations across Sydney and Melbourne, encouraging them to come home.

Messages were sent from the site, and then displayed on the billboard. A picture would then be automatically taken of the message on the billboard with the surrounding locations and posted to the website and emailed to the friend.

81% opt-in rate (10k+ opting to hear from Air New Zealand)

93k visits: NZ site / 35k visits: AU site

19k messages & 3 marriage proposals!

My responsibilities

As the technical project manager for the Home Sweet As campaign my role was to ensure the delivery of 1) the online websites (designs created by HOST), 2) the message system, capture interface, 3) the technical delivery of the broadcast and image capture using an SLR camera of the friend’s message on the digital billboard in each location.

Not possible without… An extremely exciting and adventurous project would not have been possible without the concept and creativity of the team from HOST, The Farm Digital’s technical director Shannon Deminick, and of course the courageous spirit of the client Air New Zealand.