Better Usability. Investment decisions for electricity distributor

Usability design | Graphic design

Huegin Consulting developed a suite of online Investment Design Support (IDS) tools to assist an electricity distributor reach informed decisions about its portfolio of work. The toolset was designed to be used by varying roles within the organisation. From the executive and senior management wanting reports and the portfolio status, financials and risk, to project delivery and bottlenecks with the likelihood the chosen portfolio of work can be fulfilled by the workforce within time and budget constraints.

More importantly, the tools would be used to test numerous scenarios based on resource constraints, environmental impact, and more. Coupled with a rigorous “gated” workflow system to ensure appropriate due diligence was paid to individual projects, cross sections of projects, and portfolio of works.

The system was designed to be flexible and iterative with the ability to refine results, run new scenarios and compare them to arrive at the best selected portfolio of work.

User Experience Design

User experience design applied to the logic and flow of the online investment tools. Wireframing and high-fidelity prototypes constructed to gain client feedback quickly and succinctly.

Graphic design

Guidelines document designed to assist the executive and senior management with the tools capability, and to guide for practitioners requiring guidance on how to use the tools to achieve optimum results.

Presentation design

Presentations conducted to showcase the toolsets, their capabilities, and the benefits the executive will gain from the results of these tools to make more informed decisions about their portfolio of work.

UX. High-fidelity prototyping

One of the challenges faced with this project was to establish a platform of features and functions that were inherently complex in the delivery of results needed to support decisions being taken by the executive and senior members of staff concerning the portfolio of work within the current and next regulatory period. Coupled with the input of the governing regulator and the practitioner whose job it was to enter the data into the system for assessment and individual project funding.

To address this complex issue wireframes were created outlining the principle elements on a page, followed by a high-fidelity online prototype to better demonstrate to the client the tasks performed by different users and roles in the organisation. This approach allowed for quick and immediate feedback from the various and numerous stakeholders.

Snippets from the guidelines

Effective presentations

Usability first

Whether you are designing a mobile app, online software, or knocking up that killer presentation,
then it’s important to understand the end user’s role to achieve the desired goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.