Primary Experience…

Following the work being committed to the older age group so to is the Primary Schooler’s interface getting a new makeover. A quick snippet:

A User-Centric Approach. Appealing to the Lower High School market.


Working with the End User, Product Manager and a number of Devs, I redesigning the user experience for LiteracyPlanet’s online literacy program to better target the lower high school market in Australia, U.K., and the U.S. I delivered simple, clean, user centred designed assets by exploring user problems and customer journey maps. I developed personas, workflows, and wireframes to facilitate the direction of the user’s experience, followed by low and high fidelity designs and prototypes to enable a sense of the interface and scenarios presented to the user.

As well as a transformation of the UI/UX for the student interaction, so to was consideration and a redesign given to key pages for the Teacher – Pages that put metrics up front that enabled the Teacher to see how the students were performing, whether they were utilising the system, and where reporting on those in need of assistance. The design was driven by the need to further the Student’s learning experience through blended, adaptive learning, whilst reducing the time the Teacher spends in the system.

Attached are a few samples of the UI for both Student and Teacher user interfaces.

For a demonstration of the experience through the use of prototyping and high fidelity mockups please contact Nick.